TGE moves by the challenge of bringing to full and final level of industrialization the first Italian pyrolysis plant of ecological waste management, proving that the technology of pyrolysis can be reliable and sustainable in terms of not only environment (certainty already gained in terms of scientific and regulatory), but also industrial development, for the profitability potential of the related market.
Once demonstrated this industrial sustainability, the pyrolysis technology in the Italian and International contest meets all the critical factors in the sector, in terms of:
– Environment and social impact: emissions reduction, scarce resources recovery (i.e. aluminium and copper), energy production;
– Economic-income: pay-back period of the plant, without incentives, it‘s less than 6 years, less than any other technology in the industry, starting from incinerators that, seen by many as the solution to the waste problem and widely used in the recent past, require huge investment and medium-long term (5 years) for their implementation, and meet major resistance from the populations concerned by their location;
– Commercial: alternative to energy production and to raw materials (i.e. aluminium, copper, iron, etc.) recovery and production, using a more efficient technology and discarding the use of more expensive sources.