The importance of recovering all the valuable raw materials contained in the mixed waste has prompted us to think of an activity that can enhance the waste with the aim of promoting the reuse and recycling of raw materials (metals, glass, paper, wood, plastics, etc.).

For example, the step of selecting the plastic has a great importance: in packaging, plastic ones recorded for years the highest rate of growth and development, but present greater difficulties for the effective recycling, being not of a single material, but of a wide range of synthetic substances of a different nature and composition coupled together.

To be able to be retrieved they must therefore be carefully divided into homogeneous categories, for each of which there is a definite recycling process and industrial processing.

From the selection process are obtained different homogeneous types of semi-finished, which must meet strict quality specifications and which, although still considered waste and thus covered by the relative discipline, are ready to be directed to the recovery phase.

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